Ordering, how it works ?

You are remembering a photograph seen on an exhibition

If it's not already gone, you'll find it in one of the "Order" sections. I'm trying to keep those sections updated regarding to prints that I've sold and prints that I've recently add to my collection. By clicking on a picture, you'll be leaded to the e-shop where you'll be able to order it.

You have seen a photograph on one of my social media,

Send me a message directly from the social media or use my email adress : contact@lokee-photo.com. Let's discuss of every details afterwards, regarding your wishes and budget.

You have a special request

You like my style, you have seen it nowhere, but you definetely want that cat, tree, umbrella print (fill with thematic you like)... Well trust me or not, I probably have what you want !
After years of practicing photography, I have compilated a huge amount of photographs. The few hundred I'm showing on my social medias or on my exhibitions are very few compare to what I really own.

So don't be shy. Ask ! I'll make a pleasure of it, to create a shortlist for you !

My goal : offering you the best 

Quick guide to the buyer

How is set the price of a print ?

Well it depends of various factors :

Size : in general, the bigger - the more expensive, but the the material on which the photograph is printed on, will count too.

Material : classic paper is remaining the cheapest matrial you can print on. For instance, a 40x60 paperprint cost the same as an aluminium print twice smaller.

Nevertheless, you'll need a frame for the paperprint which means more expenses, where as the aluminium print will be ready to be hang right away.

Limited edition : regarding french law, for a photograph to be call a piece of art, it must be limited to 30 copies worldwide (any size, any material). 

Nevertheless, because all collectors aren't concerned by the rarity of a print, artists can sold cheaper unlimited prints. 

If we met on a fair, you probably noticed, those kind of prints on my corner. I'm offering limited edition prints with series of 30 copies, 15 copies or even unique ones. Those prints are often on high quality and modern materials as aluminium or Plexiglass. Where as my unlimited edition prints are exhibited on high end quality paper.

The name of the artist : it's the parameter that makes that a Picasso is way more expensive than your neigbor's painting. As my carreer start few years ago, lucky you, my photographs are still affordable. :)

" Buy art to living artists. When they will be dead, they will not need it anymore and you'll not have enough money for that "