Make An Order

To make the choice to offer an artist's work is to make the choice to stand out. Each of my photographs is numbered and falls within the framework of series not exceeding 30 copies throughout the world. These are accompanied by a certificate, signed by my self, attesting to their authenticity. The printing is done by a professional, in my presence, thus ensuring a technically optimal rendering and in adequacy with my vision of artist.

All impressions are made on demand.


All prints are printed on quality paper. The brands are Canson, Hahnemühle or Kodak.


Here the print is glued on aluminum. This kind of support is very popular because it offers a modern presentation. The picture seems to float a few centimeters in front of the wall. The aluminum at the back of the print allows you to avoid a frame. There is no more reflections which allows you to appreciate all the details of the photography.

At the back of the aluminum plate, a frame is provided to hang the work on the wall.

It is quite possible to add a wooden frame to the set, which offers the possibility to the smallest formats for instance, to stand on a piece of furniture. In addition, for optimum protection, an acrylic coating can be poured onto the paper. This offers an unoticeable protection against dust, fingerprints and small shocks,


Diasec are small prints of 5x5 or 5x7 inches. They repeat the aforementioned technique of laminating on aluminum and protection under a glossy a. These are pretty magnetized objects that can also be placed on a pedestal and obviously hung on the wall.

By choosing one of my photographs, you are doing a humanly strong act. I put a piece of my soul in each of my images and your act allows me to continue my job. In return, I guarantee you a work made from the best materials and that will accompany you all your life. I am grateful to you for your interest in my work and hope to see you soon.