Urban Fantasy

"Is there an imaginary peculiar to the city and the urban environnement ? "

Thus begins the article devoted to this theme and that can be read in the Dictionary of the city and the urban. At the time of my education as a geographer, I had made this book one of my bedside books. Today that I made photography my job, I read it again and the definitions take a new dimension.

In this context and at a time when more than half of humanity lives in an urban environment, to explore artistically this completely artificial environment, creating by, for and around the human seemed interesting to me. Can we explain otherwise than by sociological or economic reasons, the reason why people around the world all flock to the cities?

Through Urban Imaginary I present urban framing where the lines of the city are often emphasized, sometimes reshaped by the work that I lead on the shadow and the light.

Places known or not, memories gleaned at the corner of the street or on the other side of the world, I lend a new face to this environment that we thought we all knew. At the same time, I share with you my dreamlike vision of the urban world that I see as overlays and cut-outs.

"One could say that as long as there is imagination, there is livability, despite the dysfunctional internal territories, the ugliness of architecture, the banality of urban planning, the poverty of landscapes. We could also think that the imaginary compensates for these deficiencies, that it colors the gray and fictionne the ordinary "

Thus concludes the article that verbalizes the idea that I wanted to highlight through this photographic set. The magic of the city seems in fact to reside largely on our ability to project a staging that is close to our heart. The city is the mirror of our utopias.