Walking life stories

Walking Life Stories is a long-term photographic work. It’s a collection of pictures gathered since 2015. It depicts legs walking in urban environnements.

I live in Paris, France which is a quite populous city. In there, people are walking a lot so by the end of a regular day, you can easily came cross hundreds of people. But who are they, where were they coming from, where were they heading to ?

Like in most megalopolis, people in Paris are strangers for one to another. Maybe have you already heard about urban loneliness ? I am very sensitive to this topic. How can we feel so isolated while surrounded by so many people ?!

With Walking Life Stories the point is not much what you can actually see rather than what you can imagine from what you see. As loneliness, passage and absence are recurring themes in my artistic works, so by showing pedestrians legs, I have created a canvas at the very carrefour of all those subjects.