I'm a french photographer born in 1989 and based in Paris, France.

Self-taught, it is in 2015 that I've decided to devote himself fully to the practice of photography. Although having a
recent practice of photography, I've been noticed for my personal writing, my work thus giving rise to various exhibitions in France and abroad. Some of my photographs have been the subject of various publications and distinctions.
In 2018, I joined the board of the National Society of Fine Arts, before becoming the next year, president of the photography section, making of me the youngest member to take on this role.


If there are photographers who take pictures to meet others, there are also those who do it to meet themselves. I am part of these latter.

Whether at the other end of the world or at the corner of my street, I track down the atmospheres that appeal to me. The black and white and the chiaroscuro which since childhood fascinate me, are today the tools that I use to create both poetic and graphic atmospheres.

In "Tenebrism", urban landscapes, natural landscapes, still lifes, and street photos intertwine to give birth to a mythology in black and white but mainly in black, which revolves around recurring themes such as passage, absence or loneliness.


Expositions solo :
2021 Orangerie du Sénat, Paris, France
2021 Studio Atelier Lumière, Paris, France
2018 Ici ou Ailleurs, Palaiseau, France
2018 La Dolce Vita, Galerie Canavèse, Paris, France
2017 Ténébrisme, Arles, France

Expositions collectives :
2022 Galerie Inna Khimich, (à venir) Toulon, France
2020 Little Big Galerie, Paris, France
2019 Trieste Photo Days, Trieste, Italie
2019 Contemporary Rome Art Prize, Palazzo Velli, Rome, Italie
2019 Little Big Galerie, Paris, France
2019 2e exposition IMA, Galerie Doshin, Sapporo, Japon
2019 Vincennes Images Festival, Vincennes, France
2019 86e exposition Kanagawa-Kenten, Yokohama, Japon
2018 Salon National des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2018 20ème édition des portes ouvertes des ateliers d’artistes de Montreuil, Usine Chapal, Montreuil, France
2017 Salon National des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2017 Le salon de la photographie contemporaine, Paris, France

Autre :
2021 Collaboration artistique avec le Musée des Arts et Métiers
2021 Collaboration artistique avec la maison d'hôte Montmartre Romantic
2017 Reportage photographique pour la marque de produits de luxe Guerlain

Distinctions majeures :
2021 Prix Jean Larivière, Mention spéciale
2019 Meilleur Photographe Contemporay Rome Art 
2019 Prix Coup de cœur Canon France
2017 Prix Jean Larivière, Mention spéciale
2017 Prix ADAGP Encouragement à un jeune photographe

Fisheye, Coup de cœur #250, août 2019
Lens magazine, Story of beside graves, Juin 2019, n° 57,
Corridor Elephant, Coup de projecteur, Janv-Mars, 2018,
The Telegraph, 15 spectacular photos of dusk and dawn around the world, 24 mai 2016.

Photographic inspirations :
Kertesz, Koudelka, Brassaï, Atget, Doisneau, Metzker, Friedlander, Kenna, Kubrick, Abbott, Erwitt, Riboud...

Cinématic inspirations :
Burton, R. Scott, Gilliam, Mallick, Nolan, Coppola, Scorcese, Kubrick, Fincher, Boyle, Del Toro, Cohen...

Pictorial inspirations :
Le Caravage, Rembrandt, Rubens, Delacroix, Vermeer...